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CCLA: to enhance their image and boost the local economy

The Communauté de Communes Loire Aubance – or the Loire Aubance community of communes – chose us to perform a full review of their image. They wanted to know what the public thought of the initiatives they carry out. The community encompasses 14 communes south of Angers, in Western France.

Desjeux Créations communications consultancy undertook all aspects of the strategic analysis.

As part of a survey carried out on a representative panel of different population segments in the area (politicians, business leaders, individuals, heads of local groups) we conducted interviews which allowed us to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the CCLA. A synopsis of these interviews helped us determine the CCLA’s positioning and their main areas of communication: tourism, culture and the economy.

For each target identified we produced a message to enhance the CCLA’s image and help each group of the public to better understand the role of the CCLA in the Loire Aubance region and the initiatives it undertakes.

We produced a communication action plan using different media, scheduled over 18 months (2013 – 2014), coupled with a controlled budget.

A New Mayor’s kit to give newly elected mayors insight into the region and its workings:
– a bag (1-colour screen printed in white), and
– a USB stick (1-colour screen printed in white) and various documents (leaflet, overview, contact list) were both produced by the CCLA’s in-house departments to help the mayor perform routine tasks

clef USB objet publicitaire sacoche_ccla_web

 Event collateral to promote the CCLA brand image at trade shows and other events: For the items below, our teams wrote the texts (hook lines and description), researched logos, and edited and assembled images using a sleek, sophisticated graphic design, to promote the CCLA’s savoir-faire among businesses and the public.

– Display stand (4x3m curved) and welcome desk: Graphic design for the display stand and printing (hot air balloon photo credits Laure Halligon)

comptoir_hotesse_exposition_ccla_web stand_parapluie_ccla_web

– Roller banner (0.8x2m) and printroller_banner_ccla_web

More details about our display stand, roller banner and winflag services.

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