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Conference on careers in communications at the UCO in Angers, as part of the Université Catholique de l’Ouest Career Days. Presentation on careers in communications to first-year students.

This was a round table discussion on “Careers in a communications agency” held on Thursday 26 February. There was a high student turnout which resulted in lots of constructive discussion.

For AlexisWe also spent time clarifying the main sectors of communications which they could find themselves working in, such as internal communications, advertising, lobbying, crisis communication, media relations, event management, awareness campaigns, etc. I emphasized the importance of engaging, being open-minded and keen to learn about new technologies and new forms of communication being developed, such as enhanced reality. We also discussed the importance of digital technologies in communications, and how they have to be incorporated in the business’s overall communication strategy. There’s no point running a campaign on the web about community management or SEO/SEM referencing, or an email campaign, unless it fits into the business’s communication strategy and helps to achieve its goals; such as creating customer loyalty, finding new contacts, motivating staff, or launching a new product. It’s important to think before you act. You have to assess your competitive environment before positioning yourself in terms of your product or services; identify your clients/prospects and sources of business to devise successful, coherent advertising campaigns (review ROI results) (example of the CCLA communication strategy). We concluded that communications careers cover an array of activities and professions: it’s up to each individual to do their best and undertake continuing professional development right through their career to consolidate their skills and improve their expertise, because the world changes and a good communicator has to be able to anticipate changes in order to promote their organisation’s image effectively (business, local services or groups).”

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