Le jardin de galy

A-Z design and print services for le Jardin de Galy

Desjeux Créations provided a full service design for le Jardin de Galy, covering all their advertising requirements when the business opened in Cizay-la-Madeleine.

We used our graphic design expertise to produce the logo and style guide, which was then used on the garage’s marketing collateral: flyer, sign and vehicle wrap.
A specific and complete answer for your needs in communication. We realized for the le Jardin de Galy (Cizay-la-Madeleine – 49700) its whole communication. In phase of creation, the wish is to increase its fame and its image locally to develop his clientele. To answer this problem we defined the communications strategy, through the analysis of the context and its competitive environment. We also organized into a hierarchy its targets and defined a message for each of them. Finally we realized the communication plan through the creation of communications tools adapted to answer the problem of le JArdin de Galy.

communication agency answers your problem of image with the ambition to integrate your company, association or administration, into its competitive environment, to give him a recognizable image by his public and an identity different from the competition. To build with you a strong identity: yours!
Our studio of communication realized the whole visual identity of le Jardin de Galy through (click the images to enlarge them):


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The artistic creation, the printing and the pose of the sign

Our work, on a daily basis, is to accompany you, on the long term in the construction of your image. The communication of your company, your association, your NGO (NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION), or your administration… passes by a process of listening and broadcast of messages and signs bound for public private individuals. Our expertise and our know-how aim at improving your visibility, at strengthening your relations with your customers and partners, at favoring the promotion of your products or services and at defending your interests in front of the competition and of the threats of your business sector.

Our common synergy passes by an essential element for us, the dialogue and the exchange throughout the process of communication. This exchange on your business, your impressions, your comments, your remarks and our expertise in communication, is going to allow us to build together an image strong in adequacy with your expectations.

Our communication agency accompanies you on your communications strategy and on the implementation and the realization of your communication plan.

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