Desjeux Créations produced all the end of year communications documents for Terralys, a Suez Environnement subsidiary.

The 2014 greetings card, the 2014 calendar and the 2014 e-card. Our design depicts Terralys’ underlying ethic in regard to the environment, recycling and biological processing of organic waste, to help nurture the planet and provide energy for people. Brightness and colourful landscapes symbolize the energy and environmentally friendly approach which Terralys upholds. The image of a female pioneer and adventurer illustrates Terralys’ determination to succeed in their work. The children represent the importance of the projects undertaken by Terralys’ people to prepare the world of tomorrow, today. As Terralys’ General Manager Christian Durand points out, “the ground is like the Earth’s skin. This thin and fragile layer has been harshly treated over recent decades. We all have a duty to help preserve it, and do what we can to repair it.”

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Our communications agency produced various communications tools to promote Terralys’ expertise. “Having been approached by Desjeux Créations, I wanted to “test” them with our greetings cards and calendars. As I was happy with the result, both the design and especially their reactivity, I slowly undertook new projects with them. When you’re working on several projects, you have to be able to count on service providers who are reactive and who understand what you need: Desjeux Créations does that”, says Elodie Lenézé, marketing manager at Terralys.

With our creativity, we can create bespoke greetings cards and marketing collateral for you to suit your needs and using your company’s style guide. (graphic design)

Find out more about TERRALYS: part of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, the specialist in organic waste processing and recycling. TERRALYS has been processing and recycling organic waste for local communities and businesses for almost 30 years. A key player in sustainable development, TERRALYS collects and recycles organic waste such as sludge (manure, liquid manure, sewage sludge), the fermentable portion of household waste (vegetable peelings, etc.) and waste from the food industry, green waste and agricultural waste (dregs, grape stalks, etc.). 

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