Website E-commerce

Transform your skills into shop e trade

Our teams accompanies you to create a simple and intuitive online shop. For a site easy ecommerce has to administer contact us. Your e-commerce retail website will emphasize your products and services of a responsive way for a visibility optimum on the mobile screens.

With our tools (CMS: wordpress – prestashop – Wixstores – emonsite) we propose you simple solutions to create, administer and make live your on-line retail website e business.

Simple and effective features for your site e trade:

  • Follow your real time commands(orders)
  • Receive payments easily (credit card, paypal)
  • Propose special offers (purchase voucher)
  • Define the methods of delivery and the taxes

Through the graphic design & responsive design, the reservation of the domain name, the hosting, the referencing (SEO / SEM), the webmarketing, the management of your boxes e-mails and the analysis of the traffic (google analytics) on your retail website, Desjeux Créations offers you a complete service for the creation of your e-commerce site.

Our agency is approved for the training on these tools for a handling of your simple and effective e-commerce site and a financial coverage by your OPCA.

Exemple site e commerce :